Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Skinny Girl Finds a Voice

Somewhere deep inside of me resides a Skinny Girl.  She's not often heard.  Fat Girl has bullied her for so long that she hardly dares to utter a word.  But last night Skinny Girl mustered up all her courage and spoke.  It was almost a tentative and frightened whisper... It kind of surprised me, too!

I discovered that Old Mission 96% Fat-Free Whole Wheat Tortillas are... actually really good.  Seriously!  I can hardly believe I'm admitting this, but I think they taste even better than the fully larded white flour ones.  And they have a pleasant, almost indulgent feeling texture when I chew them.

That's saying a whole lot for a tortilla!

It made me wonder about other ways I might nurture Skinny Girl and coax out her ideas.  I think she might have a lot of good things to say if I will just make her feel like she's being heard.

But then again...

1 comment:

latter-daymom said...

Maybe a 100% Mission Whole Wheat Flour Tortilla diet? lol