Friday, August 5, 2011

Why do I blog?

Writing helps bring my stress level down. That's one reason I blog. I write whatever is on my mind and in my heart at that particular moment in time. There is something very freeing about putting the thought out there. Sometimes things that seem like very scary deep dark secrets aren't all that terrifying when you can pull them out into the light of day. So I guess my main reason is that it's therapy. And a whole lot cheaper than a psychiatrist!

Secondly, I enjoy the connection it gives me to others. In a way, it's social. Some people have suggested that maybe I'm too open laying my life out there that way. That I'm letting people intrude too far. (If they only knew the stuff I edit out before I publish a post!) Others have said that it helps them feel not so alone with their experiences. The part of me that likes to be the center of attention LOVES that other people read my blog and can identify but in the end I'm really doing it for me. I do it as a way of reaching out my hand and hoping that someone else will feel the same way and reach back for me.

Another reason I blog is for a creative outlet. I love words.... I love to play with words. I like how they feel sliding over my tongue and out of my mouth. I like how they feel skittering around in my brain and when I sit down to type them out I am often surprised at just what I have to say. Sometimes it's one of those "Oh dear... did I just put that in writing?" kind of things but other times I can fall in love with the story my words tell.

So maybe it's a way to show off, too. To present my ideas or interpretation of someone else's ideas in hopes that they will be accepted. Perhaps, even my accomplishments will be praised. As much as we all want to think we are humble beings, somewhere inside we all crave the acceptance and praise of other people because it makes us feel loved. This is very much why I want, and keep asking, you to comment here.

Finally, I blog to create a record that I was here and that my life has meaning. One thing I've learned about myself is that I need to feel relevant. I need to matter. We live in a world that tells us we are special and unique... just like everybody else. I don't fool myself that I can or need to change the world; I just need to make my little corner of it a better place.


Anonymous said...

Amen by beautiful sister!

... said...

And Amen again. I fully understand!