Virtual Tour of my Home

This is furniture that I kept and moved with me when I left Utah for Georgia.  Hopefully soon life will stop with the curve balls and I'll be able to settle in and do some remodeling and decorating so that I have a home I WANT to show you!

Close up of the medallion on each of the pieces in the bedroom set.  Part is painted, part is inlay.  It's all muted shades of white, brown, golden yellow and a light dusty green.

The antique bed in the downstairs guest bedroom.  Still to finish is paint the closet, put up curtains and a light fixture for the ceiling... and hang art pieces.  At least I have most of the art for this room.

And the matching chest of drawers (and corner of the) vanity.  The top of the chest opens with a pretty little skeleton key.

My dining room with Christmas decorations on the table and chairs.  Again with the poor bare walls... and I really want some kind of drapery treatment here. And I know you can't see it but the chairs desperately need to have their seats reupholstered.  This picture is taken standing near the tan sofa in the first living room picture.

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