Monday, August 1, 2011

Being responsible stinks

Today I dug into those difficult tasks I've been putting off for a couple of weeks...

  • Called the bank about my Mom's account.
  • Started the claims process for life insurance. Yay for 6-page forms coming in the mail!
  • Notified Social Security (which was already done by the funeral home on the 20th).
  • Notified her health insurance company.
  • Found ANOTHER stash of old pictures looking for insurance documents (pretty sure there's still more somewhere).
  • Ate a pint of Rocky Road ice cream out of stress.
  • Filled out the customer service survey and mailed back to funeral home.

Not bad for 2 hours!

As hard as the last month has been emotionally, I have learned a tremendous amount intellectually. I am amazed at all the things we did correctly and even more at all the ideas for how it could have still been done better.

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