Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hand tools

After lunch I had this great idea to make something.  So I went to my tool box looking for a utility knife.  There used to be a couple of them floating around in there.  I would swear my very life on it!  Today, however, there is a package of extra blades but no knives.  Guess my little project will have to wait until after a trip to the hardware store...

[Imagine a series of very bad words streaming here!]

Over the years, as I've had to have help with projects around the house, some of the handyman fellas that have been here have had occasion to borrow a tool.  And not return it.  Sometimes even after repeated requests they deny having it.  My poor little tool box, which was never all that robust to begin with, is now down to 1 electric screwdriver (and most, but not all, of the bits), 3 hand screwdrivers (all philips), 2 wire cutters, 2 putty knives, 2 paint scrapers, a wire brush, a measuring tape, a small hacksaw and a funky little utility hammer with a bottle opener where the claws should be.

I know I want a real hammer, some pliers, a wrench, a couple of flat screwdrivers and a utility knife.  What else belongs in a tool box?

Please save me from being the pathetic helpless chic everyone laughs at when I go to the hardware store!!  I need to get it stocked up again so I can take care of some minor stuff myself.

And when the next handyman asks to borrow a tool, the answer is not just no.   It's HELL NO!!


jweb711724 said...

Kathy, if you go to Big Lots you can get any more tools for your dollar!!! i am pleased with the ones I have gotten there.

Anonymous said...

vice grip plyers
chanel lock plyers
pipe wrench
needle nose plyers
mesering tape
and extra time and elbow greese

Anonymous said...

Two vital additions to any tool collection; channel locks, paddlock!!