Saturday, August 13, 2011

A treasured piece of earth

"The time we spend on our treasured little piece of earth enriches our affection for the planet as a whole."  Bryan Welch, publisher of Mother Earth News

When we focus our daily attention on our land, be it a farm many acres in size or backyard garden in the city, we reinforce the conviction that we want to make the entire planet healthier and more beautiful.  That's the kind of project that should ignite passion in the human soul.  And once mind and body are engaged, incremental change begins.

My little piece of earth doesn't look very treasured right now...  Necessity left it neglected for the last couple of summers and the realist in me knows that it will take time and a lot of effort to make it beautiful.  And in the heat of summer sometimes I struggle with the will to make that effort even though the vision of what it can become certainly does fuel a passion.  I am making a daily attempt to do something and even if it is a small something my goal of a fruitful yard and garden will eventually be accomplished.

I'm working on a flowerbed that will wrap around the entire backyard.  I have two sections of about 10 feet each cleared and both have a handful of rescued plants in place.  The future plan is to fill it with flowers, herbs and strawberries.  Can't you just picture Zeke and Zelda, who have already taken up residence here, romping through flowers swaying the summer breeze?  When I close my eyes and let my mind imagine, I see an abundance of  multi-colored iris, roses, day lilies, brown-eyed Susans, daisies, and cone flowers mingling with  herbs like chives,  sage, thyme, walking onion, oregano and mint (somehow contained so the whole yard doesn't turn into a mint patch!).  Strawberry plants, garden art, large interesting rocks and potted annuals  fill any open spots.

But... for now, just clearing the space is my goal.  Then maybe I'll fix and paint the fence before I get too plant happy.

Over all, here's a scheme of the garden I'd like to grow next year.  I've been saying that for two years now, so hopefully 2012 will finally be the Year of the Yard at my house.  The drawing on the left is the west side of my backyard and the other, the east side, shows the flower bed I am currently working on.

The west side garden plot has more space extending left off the page.  It was an old and very large sand box by the side of another garage.  With all the sand in there I think it will be a perfect spot for a melon patch.  And on the east, I've just included an Italian Prune for a plum tree, but I really think I can fit both the prune and a Santa Rosa plum in there.  The apricot tree and part of the raspberry row are already there but the rest of the plants will have to be added.

Okay, my friends, keep me accountable to do this!  Help me make my own little piece of earth a real treasure...

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latter-daymom said...

Sounds great! Will you take photos so we can keep track of your progress (cleaning out flower beds and or garden, etc.)?

That will help you keep on track also!

I love you.