Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Zeke and Zelda

Not everyone has met Zeke and Zelda... the naked people who cavort with carefree and shameless abandon through whatever is blooming in the yard.

So here I  present you with Zeke, the handsome fella to the right, and Zelda, the total babe on the left!

Yes, that bare earth you see at the bottom is from one of the sections of flowerbed I have managed to clean up!  Next spring Zeke will be dashing through a stand of purple iris in search of his Zelda.  She, I'm thinking, might be hiding in a mixed grouping of daisy, purple cone flower and brown-eyed Susan.

Here a few more pictures of the disaster that has become my backyard over the past couple of neglectful summers.  Keep me accountable to get it cleaned up!

Another sort of cleaned out flowerbed section.  Also a major pruning project on that poor rose bush.
But at least the crappy yard beyond the fence is the neighbor's problem!

Along the side of the house.  Flowerbed along the fence and just cut down and clear out the balloon flower vines along the foundation and remove the pavers you can't even see under them.

Behind the northern most garage.  It just needs a little weed control and the apricot tree needs a good pruning.
Part of the garden that didn't happen again this year.  The cucumber vine you can see is in over production mode.  Picked 7 this morning... I like cucumbers, but there is a limit.

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latter-daymom said...

Thank you for the photos! Love your Zeke and Zelda!