Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cricut or Silhouette?

I have several projects already in mind...

Price-wise they are within about $50 of each other for the base machine.  From the descriptions and reviews it seems like the Silhouette offers more flexibility and a smaller investment to get the cuts you want.  Silhouette is computer tied, much like a printer, or works off an SD card for travel.  And you can download just the designs you want.  The reviews say some are free and others can be purchased for as little as 99 cents.  Cricut requires investing in cartridges where you need to purchase the entire cartridge even if you only want one design on it.  Estimates I've seen say the cartridge library can run another $500-$1000.

I'm leaning toward the Silhouette but I've never actually used either machine.  Have you?  Which would you choose?  Why?

Cricut Expression(R) Machine


Ginny Penn said...

I have the Cricut Expression. I've had it for over a year now & have never bought a cartridge. I have a computer program (costs about $60) with it you can use any image or font from off your computer. You can also lay out the entire cutting area so there is no waste. If you'd like you're welcome to come try mine.

The thing I don't love about the Cricut, but I don't know if the Silhouette has the same problem, is blade adjustment. I hate trying to figure out how deep to set the blade to cut the paper.

If I was looking to buy again I would actually go to Scrapbook USA, Sept 9 & 10. There you can see these & other cutting machines in action. There are actually a lot other options that are really good, including one from sizzex that is really impressive. The prices are amazing there with really good value bundles. I'm going then, if you want to come along.

Also, look into the ecraft. It looked really cool when I looked into it a year ago, but there weren't prices yet.

Good luck.

Angela said...

I have the Cricut and I love it!!!!! But you are right about the cartridges, they run anywhere form $25 to $60 and you may only use a few designs on them.

I have never tried the other one, but sounds awesome. Just be sure to check your computer compatibility, and if it can handle running the program.

Good luck with your decision.

Kathy Burton said...

After the scrapbook expo... where I tried cricuts, silhouettes and a few more brands of die-cut machines I came home with an Inspiration by Pazzles. Runs off the computer so there are no cartridges ever. You can pull any font or design, size it on screen, remove any weird cuts, custom space the lettering, etc. You can even draw your own if you want. And it does a lot more than just cut paper... Cuts fabric, vinyl and maybe some other stuff. Also will engrave, emboss, puncture... Doesn't hurt that I also got a great deal. Full retail on my haul at the show would have been around $900 and I spent $140. Couldn't be more pleased!