Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Pie

I will never settle for pizza I don't completely and thoroughly enjoy again! More than 30 years of the same yummy deliciousness and dark, dank, underground atmosphere says they are doing something right. I LOVE THE PIE!!

Covered with graffiti many layers deep, this is the wall directly behind our table. I wonder what stories it would tell if it could only speak? How many thousands of names are layered onto those bricks?

And this is the ceiling directly above my head.

And this is our chicken bacon ranch pizza...

I have never been disappointed at The Pie.

Favorite. Pizza. Ever.

And right from the very first bite. Besides pizza, they have a house ranch dressing that I could drink by the bottle and awesome cheesy garlic toast (which I, of course, dip into the ranch dressing). If you drink it, which I don't, I understand they have a nice selection of locally brewed beers, too.

The atmosphere has been the same since I very first discovered The Pie in the early 80's. It's dark and mysterious and leaves me feeling like I've just got away with something a little naughty.



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Ginny said...

I quite like the Pie, but you have got to try Rusted Sun (Bleu Chicken), Arella's (Bacon, Mushroom, Chicken Alfredo) & Settebellas (Margheritta pizza). Those are my favorites! Seriously you must try!