Sunday, July 3, 2011

Baby steps

This may not work... but I'm going to try to get myself independent from from being an employee. I want the freedom that comes from answering to only to myself on matters of money. And I've been talking to several people as I've considered different things to do and thought through each of them as carefully as I know how to do. So, now it's time to make some of those first baby steps and test the water for real.

One thing that keeps coming to mind, and discussion, is multiple streams of income. So I'm going to try for 3. In the coming week, I will:
  1. Design and print up business cards and brochures advertising office services I can do from home and ask at least 3 people to give them out to people they associate with.
  2. Make inquiries to have a student, or another single female or married couple, rent my basement bedroom.
  3. Place 5 items for sale in the Home Made Simple Marketplace. (Not sure, but you may have to register to view this page:
And, for savings now... I'm going to spend an hour a day meal planning, and seeking, clipping and using coupons, freebies and sales to cut household expenses. FREE will be my new favorite word!

Here's a bit of inspiration to help keep me on track. Things we all need to be reminded of anyway! Why is it so much easier to focus on the negative? I know that I am brave and strong and smart when I have to be. And I have to be... a LOT braver, stronger and smarter than I've been acting the past few months! Afterall, I have goals to accomplish.

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