Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Bucket List for the Rest of 2011

Mary Whitlock, knowing I'm still puzzling over what to do with myself now, brought me a stack of Salt Lake visitor magazines. Found some things of interest! Listed in no particular order...

1. Visit Pipers Quilts & Comforts. It's a quilt and yarn store in Sugarhouse that I've always wanted to explore but never took the time to stop and do so.

2. Visit Utah Artist Hands. It's a downtown neighborhood recommendation with a picture showing colorful paintings and earthy, organic feeling pottery. Love that!

3. Go on a Gallery Stroll.

4. Get back in the habit of going to the Downtown Farmers Market on Saturday mornings. Great fresh veggies, local art and music, yummy food, dogs of all sizes to pet and totally awesome people watching!

5. Take pictures at the SLC Pepper Mural at 400 W 250 S. Jann Haworth, one of the co-designers of the 1960's record label for the Beatle's Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band redesigned the cover in 2004 as a 50x30-foot wall mural in stencil graffiti. The Beatle's jackets are metal cutouts with head and hand holes.

6. See the Dairy Cats at Steenblik Park. How have I lived mere blocks from 1100 W 800 N for 20+ years and not discovered this?

7. Spend a day wandering and photographing the International Peace Gardens at 1060 S 900 W. Even better if I can find out when their cultural festival is...

8. Spend an afternoon wandering and photographing the sculptures of Gilgal Garden. 749 E 500 S.

9. Paddle-boating at the pond in Liberty Park (when it's re-opened - the oil spill in Red Butte Canyon last year has had this closed for clean up).

10. Visit Tracy Aviary.

11. Take the 'Notable People' tour of the Salt Lake City Cemetery. It's self-guided and free maps are available at the Sexton's Office at 4th Ave & N Street.

12. Tour the Governor's Mansion. You'd think... but I never have, yet.

13. Tour the Masonic Temple. I've seen it open for public tour once during an Avenues Street Festival so I'm hoping there are other times...

14. Pizza at The Pie. The original one in the basement under University Pharmacy. Been a long, long, long time.

15. Visit the Utah Museum of Fine Art at 410 Campus Dr.

16. Spend an afternoon exploring This Is The Place Heritage Park. Historical sites, activities, shopping...

17. Check out the local and organic choices at Cali's Natural Foods Market 389 W 1700 S.

19. Adopt 1 "green" habit... perhaps join a small farm co-op or explore the feasibility of solar power.

20. Tour the facility and at least think about a membership at Northwest Recreation Center's Fitness & Pools.

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Ginny said...

I have to say you & I have a lot of interests in common.

Pipers is one of my favorite quilt shops! I love going there.

I have been in the habit of doing gallery stroll, but currently need to readopt that habit.

I'm going to This Is The Place this week with Achievement Days girls.

Oh, also, Utah Museum of Natural History is free the first monday of each month.