Thursday, May 12, 2011

Out my kitchen window

The big shade tree that I don't know what kind it is, is starting to leaf out and as usual it's full of chattering birds.  I see a few robins, some finches, a woodpecker and the ever present family of starlings that took over the birdhouse.  Beyond the world seems a thousand shades of brilliant green.  Salt Lake City has seen a very wet, cold springtime this year with very many more gray cloudy days than sunny ones.  It's getting time to plant the garden... sigh... if only the soil were dry enough to till.  And it's way past time for me to spend some major time weeding out flowerbeds.  I think I could nearly hide behind the tall grass now so I better be getting it out there this afternoon!  So far it looks like mother nature will cooperate with that plan!

One thing I noticed a few days ago is that the rhubarb is getting big.  I think it's ready for the first picking of the season so that means I'll be making a Rhubard Crunch for dessert tonight.  Pictures and recipe to be posted then.

The folks next door are mowing their lawn... love the smell of fresh cut grass!

Since the clock is signaling lunch time I'm gonna go throw something light together for mom and me, do a bit of clean up work in my neglected kitchen, find the gardening tools then move her wheelchair to the front porch and get me started on those front flowerbeds.

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