Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Favorites

As the first themed post on my (finally!) newly resurrected blog, I am introducing Friday Favorites... intended to be a random collection of 5-10 favorite things that I've come across in the past week. It might be web links, or photos, or something else entirely that catches my fancy.

This week I'm sharing links to some websites that I am currently enjoying. Here we go:

1. Don't these just sound like the yummiest appetizer? And I was quite tickled how she described her obsession with muffin tins in the accompanying blogpost!

2. Another foodie link. If you cook, you could easily get lost in this site and think you've died and gone to heaven! Up on my 'have to try it list' is this recipe for a baked Blueberry French Toast though I think I'm going to choose to call it a bread pudding and serve as a dessert.

3. I know, I know it's from an era when I wasn't even a twinkle in my daddy's eye yet but quite possibly my favorite song ever... This is romance music, baby!

4. I so want a few of these pieces!

5. A blog I've been following for some time now... scroll back to the very very beginning and read forward so you can see all the amazing projects and ideas in the right order. I have so appreciated the ideas, humor and talent she shares in her artwork but even more I love Tricia Smith's passion for getting the message out to be prepared both temporally and spiritually for whatever lies ahead.

6. I blogged here for awhile because of the amazing community support their members offer and then came a big life curve ball and I didn't blog at all for many many many months... When I went back to look a couple of months ago the site was for sale and I thought perhaps it was a goner, but low and behold I think it has a new owner and is alive and well! Yay!! Always a source for ideas, inspiration, and things I find fascinating even when I didn't know I'd ever want to know about them.

What are some of your favorite things?

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