Thursday, May 26, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

I'm going to be mostly away from the computer for the next couple of days for a much needed sanity break, but I did want to leave some thoughts with you for Memorial Day. Actually, cartoons with a message that deserves our attention and sober reflection...

Remembering, especially, my grandfather who fought in France during WWI... my father and uncles who served during WWII and in Korea... several cousins and family friends who went to Vietnam... and many friends who fought in the conflicts in the Persian Gulf area. Most of you came home, not always whole, but we were lucky and got you home none-the-less.

You are my personal heros!

(A special THANK YOU to Andrew Sooter, a veteran of the Gulf War, who shared these images and many others on facebook this morning.)

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Becky said...

Enjoy your weekend and Thank You for your support of our Men and Women in Uniform.