Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls

Ever since the sourdough bread came out so nice last time and was surprisingly easy to make I've been thinking about using the dough for cinnamon rolls.  Oh mama!!  Most brilliant idea since topping them off with cream cheese frosting!

Even if I did have to learn to make my own powdered sugar because I guessed wrong in not buying some at the grocery store yesterday and the packages in the storage room were brown sugar and not powdered sugar.  It was another kitchen thing I'd never done before but is exceptionally easy and probably a lot cheaper.  You  just put regular granulated sugar and cornstarch (1-2 Tbl cornstarch to each cup of sugar) in the blender or coffee grinder and whip it up.  The cornstarch is just to help it not cake in your canister.  Easy peasy...

I tried a tiny bit on the end of my tongue when it started to look "right" as I was hoping to show you with this inside shot of the blender.  It was still grainy and needed a few more seconds of pulsing but it really made me think about this article on the damage sugar does inside your body.  I first thought of it when the instructions I found said not to use a glass blender cup because the sugar would permanently scratch it but pressing those sugar grains against the roof of my mouth with my tongue is when it really made sense that Dr. Dwight Lundell said sugar is abrasive to the insides of your veins and the body's natural defense to injury is  inflammation which with our high sugar diets is a chronic thing and causes heart disease and other ailments.  It's worth the few minutes it takes to read the article then get just a few grains of sugar on your tongue and rub them against the roof of your mouth.

It's almost as astounding as this package of cookies I bought yesterday...  I rarely even like this kind of stuff, but every now and then a mint flavored Oreo is the only thing that will hit the spot.  Kid-O's are Kroger's knockoff and they taste about the same for quite a lot less money.  See that little blue graphic on the bottom left of the package?  It's the nutritional info for a serving... 2 cookies.  It tells you the fat, calories, sodium, etc.

Here's a close up.  If you can't quite make it out because of my lack of any real photography skills, it says they are a vegetable.  A vegetable.  Yes, I did stand at the counter blinking at the package for several minutes because my brain just couldn't fathom the marketing spin that makes cookies into a vegetable.  I still can't find the words to email Kroger to ask for an explanation.  A vegetable?


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Emch2b said...

OMG I about died laughing at the veggie cookie remark LOL!!! I Love you and your blogs!