Friday, March 9, 2012

Master Bedroom Quandry

Due to faulty backups and a fried motherboard on an old laptop, this is the only before picture I have of my master bedroom.  It was taken the day I got the keys to the house... June 2, 2007.

Gone is the ruffled curtain, green wall paper and brown (I think) carpet.  It sat like that and was used as a storage room for everything else that needed to be put away for over a year because I didn't have the furniture I thought I wanted and I hadn't decided on a color scheme.

The floor is now a beautiful Mexican Cherry laminate and the walls have been smoothed and painted a soft dove gray.  And finally I moved my parents old bedroom set in the room.  It's a 1920's era bed, chest of drawers, vanity and bench my dad purchased used sometime after he came home from the Army following WWII.  All the pieces have some condition problems that need to be addressed and will be when time and finances allow it.

I also want to modify the bed slightly to fit a queen-size mattress and springs.  That's been one of the major hold ups to finishing the room, actually.  The bed isn't truly either a full or a queen.  It's sized somewhere in between.  My favorite furniture store sold me a set of universal extenders... which fit the foot board perfectly but don't work with the shape of this particular headboard.  The extender will need to be custom fabricated and I need longer rails to fit the bigger box springs.  So the mattress and springs are leaning on the wall in another room waiting while I sleep here on a very old and broken down full-size.

I'm liking the gray and green combination with crisp white and a bit of pink.  After looking at the picture of the bed, however, I'm wondering about the pink.  I'd never realized there was that much of it...  And in decorating, this is kind of where I'm stalled out on the room.  I keep changing my mind about details like window treatments, art, overhead lighting and lamp(s), a throw rug and now the amount of pink in the room.  Which could throw off any ideas currently floating in my brain on all those other details.... again.

And which brings me to the other complication - the main bath.  Notice I didn't call it a master bath?  The house is classic 1953 construction.  (Go ahead, scroll up and look in complete awe now at the size of my closet.  They're like that all over the house, by the way.  And yes, my neighbors do have closet envy.)  They didn't do master baths in most homes in 1953.  The main bath serves not only the master bedroom but has the only bathing facility on this floor (there are 2 more bedrooms) and has to function as a place for guests to go potty.  Great big job, itsy bitsy room.  And this one is a disaster.

But I do love a good disaster....  I want this room to coordinate with the master bedroom when everything is finally done.  Here's the before picture.  About all that's been done is to remove the shower doors.  I don't know what was used to caulk/seal/whatever them but I tell you it was meant to last throughout all eternity!  You can't grind it off with a dremel or chip it off without taking huge pieces of enamel off the bathtub!  I love old cast iron tubs and how they hold the heat when you want to sit and soak!  Maybe I can get it re-enameled.  Doable, right?

And see all that burgundy tile?  My first reaction was that it just had to go.  HAD. TO. GO.  But with time, I've found I sort of like it.  Ok... I really like it.  A lot.  And I have a lot of art pieces (peach/red/burgandy rose pictures and deep blood red glassware) that match and are strangely the right scale for the walls in this room.  I'm thinking maybe the tile stays.  Or replacement tile in the same color since this tile stops at the edge of the vanity and I want to change that out for one that's more open and the wall behind is semi-visible.

So... comments?  Thoughts?  Ideas?  Should the pink be re-purposed to another room and go with a bit of peachy tones instead?  Should I wipe the slate clean and start fresh?   How would you tackle the decor?

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Rachel Riles said...

To tie the bathroom/master bedroom together, have you thought about taking the burgundy color and painting the wall behind the bed that color? The colors that are currently on your bed should look really cozy against the darker color and really make the room pop. Don't know what you have done with the windows but a lovely burdundy sheer scarf wrapped around a wooden rod that matches the floor with some silk flowers to compliment might also be nice.