Monday, March 26, 2012

I May Never Toss a TP Roll Again

You may remember my seed starting project awhile back with tomatoes, pumpkins and sunflowers.  All are growing and thriving in their TP roll homes!  This alone was enough to make me think about saving my toilet paper rolls for next year.

But it seems like a lot more little projects are popping up to utilize this oft tossed bathroom remnant.

I bet you've seen them used as a way to organize extension cords and keep them de-tangled.  Works for all kinds of long cords, actually.  Not necessarily new, but a great idea!  And easy to cover with wallpaper, scrapbook paper or spray paint if you want something to blend into your decor better than a plain brown tube.

And how about to slip over rolls of wrapping paper?  I like this idea to keep them rolled up in storage.  It's annoying, to me anyway, when the paper gets ripped because part of it has unrolled itself while sitting in my storage box.

I also found another garden idea that I'm going to save them up for next year.  I think I like this idea a lot better than the newspaper seed tapes I made this year.  Awesome way to keep them neat and organized before you plant the garden.  The only thing I'd add to this idea is to write the kind of seed that is on the tape at the top of the tube.

And perusing Pinterest just now I found dozens of craft projects using toilet paper rolls.  There was everything from paint stamps, to gift boxes, to animal figure craft projects suitable to make with small kids, to amazingly intricate decor pieces that look a little like over-sized quilling projects to decorate your walls. Here's a couple of them that I might like to try one day...  Spray paint the flowers in pastel shades and wouldn't that wreath be pretty on the front door for spring?  And I think those black 'tiles' would be awesome on a wall in my master bedroom... maybe 2 on each side of the picture window or in a grouping above the headboard if I  move the quilt hanging that's there now.

So fun to contemplate!  Now... if I can just collect enough rolls for all the stuff I suddenly seem to want to make!

Yep, it's true.  Toilet paper rolls might just be my new favorite upcycle item.  I'm serious when I say I may NEVER toss a TP roll again!

(All of these pictures came from Pinterest.  I snapped none of them and claim no credit beyond the ability to cut and paste.)

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