Wednesday, February 1, 2012

25 Things

I'm seeing this more and more on the blogs I regularly follow... Not sure if I really like it or not.  But I thought I'd give it a try today because I have some little observations and project results to share.  You know stuff that just isn't big enough to make a whole post.  So here goes!

1.  When I get my finances stabilized again, I want to get a puppy and kitten.  Have them grow up together so they are friends.  When I had cats before a couple of friends said they didn't visit much because they were allergic... my girls have been gone for nearly 3 years now and they don't visit any more often.  So bag that.

2.  An idea I found on Pinterest was to regrow the tops of your green onions in a glass of water.  That hasn't been working out so well for me.  Yeah, the tops regrow.  Slowly.  See how stubby they still are after 2 weeks?  And the outer skin of the onion bulb keeps molding and I have to clean it off and peel back another layer.  For next winter I'm going to put some Egyptian Walking Onions from the garden into a flowerpot and keep myself in green onions for salads and baked potatoes that way.

3.  I also want to plant ginger in a pot on the windowsill.

4.  I made salad dressing with an unusual ingredient today.  Of course, I didn't measure anything!  I mixed apple cider vinegar, teriyaki sauce, soy sauce, honey, a bit of hot water (to get the last of the honey out) and a couple of packets of the dry hot apple cider drink mix together.  Yummy over a mix of spring greens, bow tie pasta, slices of grilled boneless pork chop, chopped cucumber, raisins and grated jack cheese.

5.  I really dislike raisins!  But those 72-hour kits I'm renewing had some in them and being poor and jobless I couldn't just throw them out.

6.  Another Pinterest find was a tip to clean the burners on my gas range.  This one worked!!!  Just put 2-3 Tbl of Ammonia into a large ziplok freezer bag then put the burner in being careful to not poke any holes in the plastic.  Leave it sit for 24 hours then wash.  It really gets the gunky little burned on bits that are insanely hard to scrub off.

7.  I really really LOVE having a gas stove!

8.  Right about now I'm wondering I have 25 things to say or if I should rename the post 10 Things...

9.  You know how your kitchen faucet can get to running really slow?  It's because there is sand, or teensy little rocks, caught behind the screen.  It comes off to be cleaned.  I knew this, but until a few days ago I didn't know how easy it was to remove that part and clean it out.  A full stream of water is such a wonderful thing!

10.  There are a couple of projects that I'm looking for the final pieces to complete.  Hoping I can find a good piece of cardboard and some dry garden dirt this week.  Intrigued?

11.  I am in love with the floor plan of my house.  I am also in love with the idea of having a mud room.  These loves seemed in total opposition to one another until I started to rethink how I'm using the closet in my back hall (not really the back, but behind the kitchen).  Now I'm in love with the idea that I CAN have them both.  Just gotta make it happen.

12.  Mr. Hansen was right...  I do actually use algebra in real life.  Maybe I should have taken higher math classes?

13.  Tulips, Iris, Hyacinth and Star of Bethlehem are sprouting in the flowerbeds.  Spring, and the beginning of yard work, is only about 6 weeks away.  Yay!!

14.  In a couple of weeks I'm going to host a chocolate tasting party.  It's a somewhat new concept from Dove Chocolate and one of my neighbors has signed up as a consultant.  If Dove accommodates an online party would you be interested?

15.  I really want to get some chickens but I'm kind of intimidated by the idea of taking care of them.  Especially in the wintertime.

16.  One of the yard projects I hope to complete this summer is a firepit along side the [half-built] patio that's attached to the garage.

17.  Another is a greenhouse attached to the other side of the garage.  Saved some old windows just for this purpose.

18.  If I'd built that greenhouse last year, I'd probably be out there today planting the seeds for tomato and pepper starts.

19.  I wish I had some strawberry jam in the freezer.  That would inspire to make bread!

20.  I've been stuck on #20 for quite some time... I think that means I need to get off the computer and go clean house and do some things so I have more to blog about.

21.  Dr. Pepper is my favorite pop... soda... ummm... non-alcoholic carbonated beverage.  Haven't had one for at least a month and I'm really wanting some.  Today might just be the day!

22.  Some of my friends question if I'm really a girl.. I HATE shoe shopping.  Seriously!  I'd almost rather go to the dentist than the shoe store.

23.  Making this list is driving me crazy.  It's way harder than writing a regular post so don't look for this to be a regular feature.

24.  I finished acquiring and packaging the food to renew my 72-hour kit yesterday.  Yay!!  One task ticked off the goals list for this year!

25.  La Frontera makes the yummiest Fries smothered with Chile Verde, grated cheese and finely chopped onion.  Went for a treat while out on today's errands - got my fix for awhile again now.  Yummy!!!


Sharon said...

Hi, it is interesting to see what others are doing and thinking about new projects. Loves and hates. I have times when I just have trouble thinking of something to blog about. I just spent 3 days helping to cut up wild game meat. Not much for the blogosphere.

Melonie said...

I get stuck on lists like this too! This was a neat way to get to know you a little better though - glad you posted it.

You mentioned being jobless - I don't know if you're looking for anything right now, but a dear friend just sent me this yesterday thinking I might know some folks who would be interested. Maybe it's something you might be interested in?

I hope it's of interest. If you apply, good luck! :)

Kathy Burton said...

Thanks Melonie! I'm checking that lead out right now... a work from home position would be a dream come true.

Kathy Burton said...

Sharon, I would love to know more about handling wild game meat. Should you write about it, I would read it. I have faint memories of my dad going hunting when I was a little kid and can sort of picture a deer hanging from the rafters in our garage one year. But that's about it...

Melonie said...

I second Kathy - I would love to know more about properly handling wild game as well! Where we live now we can't hunt but when we move back to the States we plan to do so. I need to learn as much as possible in advance so I'm not stumbling through things. :)

Wonderful - I hope it works out for you! I'm so glad it was of interest. :D