Friday, February 17, 2012

Chocolate Tasting Party

My friend and neighbor, Lorraine Young, recently became a chocolatier for Dove Chocolate Discoveries so I'm going to host a little chocolate tasting party on Wednesday evening... not quite sure what to expect except the yummy, silky, smooth deliciousness of chocolate melting in my mouth!

Don't these pictures just make you want to drool?

Be sure to check out Lorraine's webstore whether you want to host a tasting party yourself or just buy some really great chocolate!

Updated ordering instructions:  If you'd like to purchase chocolate or chocolate accessories, my party will be held open until Wednesday, February 29.  Payment is due to me so I can give it to her to place the orders then.  By clicking the link to Lorraine's store above, you can get information on many of the products AND download a catalog from the lower right on her homepage.  The functionality isn't quite ready to be able to order directly from the website just yet.


Sharon said...

Can I come? Have a great time.

Kathy Burton said...

Absolutely!! It's going to be yummy and fun!

We have a little glitch still to be worked out linking to the shopping feature for those of you who live away from Salt Lake City. Should be fixed and any updated instructions posted by end of day 2/19.