Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Time-Out for Adventure!!

I have this adorable cousin who I've never met... well, actually we're not even really related.  She is married to one of my cousin's sons.  I couldn't tell you quite where in the family Dan falls as he has a 'few' siblings.  And due to that whole weird generational thing where I fell smack in the middle age-wise between my cousins and their kids, I don't really know him either.  Mostly from Facebook pictures and posts he seems to be a really great guy and he had the amazing intelligence, good fortune and foresight to marry Meghan.

Dan, Meghan and Jace in lovely Logan, UT
Meghan is gorgeous, blond, funny and she wants to be a writer.  Basically, she's everything I'm not except for the part about wanting to be a writer.  I want that, too.  She has a blog, Me & Mine where, amongst hair and make-up tips and pictures of their little J-man, she often writes about ideas that I completely identify with in that same way that you can look at your best friend across the room and understand all 500 layers of meaning in the single word they do give voice.  I'm talking about that Anne of Green Gables kindred spirits kind of connection.

Hopefully that doesn't make me sound like some sort of freaky stalker...  I really don't want to scare her into never wanting to meet me should ever find ourselves in the same state again.

Today she wrote about taking a time out from stress.  I think a little break from worry and over thinking everything sounds like a fabulous idea!

Meghan said, "I got fed up with it all and decided to ground myself from stress, which turned out to be the best decision. I decided that even those really hard, really serious things could wait to be stressed about. I put on my party pants and I let go."

I wish I would have coined that phrase about party pants!

Actually, I want some party pants!!

I just can't seem to climb out of the funk I'm feeling.  And all the problems in life seem especially heavy.  I've tried giving myself a metaphorical kick in the backside.  I've tried to change that internal dialogue stemming from repeated rejection.  I've even tried just simply distracting myself and visualizing all the positive things already happening.   And still the misery persists.  I hate feeling this way and I hate that it's permeating the rest of my life and causing friction there, too.  But I just can't seem to shake it.

So I'm going to try Meghan's trick and call a time-out from all my worries and stress.  And I'm going to look for ways to infuse a little bit of adventure and time away from the house into each day.  Even if all I can do is find the local dive and develop a coffee habit to give me someone to talk to, I'm doing it.  I know part of the funk is boredom from being STILL unemployed and therefore trapped in a near empty house with the dogs (and their naughty puppy behavior) 24/7.

Time-out for adventure has officially begun!!


Meghan said...

Again, I love this! I hope the party pants are fitting nicely!?


Kathy Burton said...

They're riding up a bit... lol I've got to practice this getting out of my own head a little more. On my outing today, I kept thinking about what was going on and worried over every single one of those $12 I actually spent, asking myself if we "really needed" it. And how sad is this... considering part of the goal was time away from the dogs? I bought dog treats!

But I'm pulling those party pants back on tomorrow and venturing out for a few hours again!! And pretty soon they'll fit like a glove! :)