Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Dreaming of Mid-Winter

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I know it's been hot enough to keep us all stuck in fantasies of blizzards and snow encrusted pine trees as we wish for a day of weather that calls for mittens and sledding trips but... are we already starting on Christmas preparations?

When I checked the countdown calculator it said there's still 153 days before the big day.  Shouldn't I be able to procrastinate about 140 of them away yet?

Actually we have some pretty big plans for Christmas 2013!  It will be Derek's and my first Christmas in our own home.  And I know he wants to put up enough lights outside (and in) to make it visible from space.  I admit, I'm pretty excited to get my decorations out so we can see how our stuff works together.  And I think we'll end up with something pretty darned impressive by the time it's all rounded up and out of the boxes.  Just thinking about it makes me smile!

And you know I've been saving ideas on Pinterest since the day after last Christmas.  Even on a "secret" Board so everyone will be surprised by the cute little cards and table decorations I'm going to make and the special recipes that come out only for Christmas dinner.  Some of those come from his family, some from mine and some I'm planning on having as new to both of us.  Which is risky since he's beyond picky about what food he will eat... so there'll be some of the old familiar foods presented in a new way.  Christmas 2013 is my chance to make a unique spot to fit into this new family.

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For all the advance planning that goes into making Christmas such a beloved time of the year, I still think each holiday needs its own time and space to be enjoyed.  Sometimes I complain about the over-commercialization of them overrunning each other and having the Christmas decorations up for sale in stores before Halloween.  So while I may be plotting and planning and collecting ideas and recipes all year long... Christmas stays in the boxes until after the Thanksgiving turkey has had a few hours to digest.

No more snowy scenes until winter!  Summer should be enjoyed for what it is -- the time for playing in the water, s'mores round the firepit and burgers on the outdoor grill!!

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