Thursday, July 11, 2013

Corner of Park & Locust

Recently I was contacted by a sweet young mother regarding a post I'd made back in August 2011 about the history of my hometown, Shelley ID.

I'd posted a picture from the North Bingham County District Library of a home on the corner of Park and Locust Streets where I'd lived for a time as a child.  And though it's changed drastically since then, she recognized it as the home she and her husband had just purchased to begin raising their family.

Photo credit:  North Bingham County District Library
This is how the home looked when I lived there around 1969.  I've written a couple of times that it was divided into two apartments and that I lived with my parents on the main floor while my Grandma Clarke was upstairs.

Sometime after we moved, it was remodeled into a single family home and the outside entrance to upstairs was removed.  But otherwise, the house's appearance remained much the same.

Time marches on...

And so do ideas about remodeling a home and keeping it in good repair and current for today's lifestyles.  This is how the same home looks today!

Photo credit:  Chrissy Hill-Secrist
Isn't that an amazing transformation?

I hope her family has a wonderful experience living there!  I sure have good memories of adventures with many of the neighbor kids.  It seems that we were surrounded by families with kids my age so I always had a playmate.

So glad that I could share some of the history with its newest family!

Welcome home Secrists!!

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