Thursday, January 12, 2012

Conversation with an Atheist - Part 3

Here is the 3rd, and concluding, segment of our discussion.  At this point I've broken away for a bit to read through the website on The Venus Project and have come back asking for a clarification.

Kathy:  It's talking about decision making being turned over to machines... these artificial intelligences that superprocess data. What are people, regular human beings like you and me, supposed to be doing while the machines make all the decisions?
Lemontie:  Educate and research every aspect of our existence and the universe.  The machines only do what they are programmed to do.  They have to be maintained.  Humans take care of the planet... all life forms.  Plants, fish, birds everything.  We become the stewards of the planet rather that its destructors.
Kathy:  So... it's almost a return to the Biblical vision of Adam & Eve... we just take care of the garden?
Lemontie:  Somewhat, yes.  We, as humanity, will either destroy ourselves or become stewards of the universe.  Even in your Bible it says that the end of us is our choice... to take place or never happen.  It's coming.  It's close to the time for humanity to make that choice.
Kathy:  Yes, I believe mankind will bring about either its own destruction or not by the choices we make.
Lemontie:  Go check the website.  They have put out a national warning for zombie hoards and give instructions on how to come close to surviving such an event.  The truth is they're telling you how to survive in an anarchist society.
Kathy:  Zombie hoards?  The Preparedness 101 blog posts?
Lemontie:  Because that is what the republican party bought off by the corporate world is wanting to take place.  It gives them the right to kill off all opposers to their control.  It causes extreme competition... to the point that children will turn on their parents.
Kathy:  The CDC was using the media hype around the zombie craze to promote emergency preparedness.  Things like a 72-hour emergency kit, a plan to get and keep your family together in a disaster situation... that kind of stuff.  I don't think zombies are a real concern...
Lemontie:  There's more too it than that.  They're trying to make light of it like a snake in the grass so that it doesn't promote panic against an anarchist society.  Starving people will behave like zombies.  They will  attack those that have and kill to get what they require for survival.  And they will 'hunt' in hoards.
Kathy:  These preparations are, then, to stave off panic when things fall apart?
Lemontie:  It will stave off panic UNTIL it falls apart.  Then there are those who will be prepared and those who ignored the hint.
Kathy:  Well it's doctrine in my religion to be one of the prepared.
Lemontie:  Well it wont be god coming down to save you I am afraid.  You will have to save your self.  Best do it in numbers than to attempt it by your self.
Kathy:  Have you ever looked at how we Mormons do things?
Lemontie:  I know.  I've studied your religion.  Your people would be a good candidate to have this technology.  And you are big enough to fund it.
Kathy:  Did you ever look at the United Order? It was a model society put into place in the early LDS Church. It's easy to brush the basics off as a socialist experiment but if you dig into the depths, it was really not socialism at all. As I understand it, it's doctrine that will someday be restored.  A key difference between the United Order and what your group proposes is that ours was designed to function inside a monetary-based society.
Lemontie:  Like I said, I've studied Mormonism.  Just don't like the god part of it.  I don't believe in a god.  I would join you if you didn't have this god.
Kathy:  He is central to all we believe and do... so to set that aside and join based on anything other than a testimony of Him would be hypocritcal.  But I'm glad you're objective enough to see good things in the Church.
Lemontie:  The angel that he [Joseph Smith] witnessed was not an angel.  Nor was he a demon.
Kathy:  what do you say he was?
Lemontie:  A time traveler from the same ones that visited back in the Biblical times.  They came to teach us.  But how do you explain things such to idiots that are superstitious?  People that lived in caves.
Kathy:  Call him an angel or a time traveler... Moroni was pretty clear in what he taught about the existence of God.
Lemontie:  He also taught that we could create other worlds.  That we could be gods.  So just how many gods are out there?
Kathy:  Not so sure that was Moroni... but yes.  Man is as God once was.  God is as man may become.
Lemontie:  Then what is a god?    Like I said everything is god.  God is the existence of everything, the energy of all existing things that you can, and cannot, see.
Kathy:  The universe is infinite... or so it seems.  Science tells us that it's expanding and new galaxies are being  created constantly.
Lemontie:  If you research that a bit further you will find that it is slowing down, therefore, meaning that there is an end.
Kathy:  Or a new beginning.

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