Thursday, January 12, 2012

Conversation with an Atheist - Part 2

This is the continuation of my chat with Lemontie Piaire.  Click here for part 1:

Lemontie:  Here is something for you to research when you have the time.  It's called  I am a member of this group.  I was learning an autocad program when nano technology was discovered at Texas Instruments.  It was an accident.  A person, I think his first name was Mike if I remember correctly, was working on a microchip under an electron microscope.  He noticed what appeared to him at first to be a dust molecule stuck on the probe of his tool.  He tried to remove it, but could not until he turned off the charge to his tool.  Then he realized that he had discovered a way to hold a piece of matter still.  This was the beginning of nano technology.  All matter on earth is carbon-based.  Everything is made up of matter.  If you can hold two separate parts of matter still, you can join them together into one new part.  That theory is proven.  We can now make robots that can build a house from the ground up from just the existing molecules in any given area.  Fast.  And with all the amenities such as a washer, dryer, curtains, dishwasher, etc.  Faster than it can be made by mankind using present methods.  And that will do no harm to the environment by eliminating the need to chemically alter elements.  There is one downfall of this technology.... mankind's willingness to control.  Even with weapons of mass destruction... with this technology, one could turn the entire atmosphere into a gray glob of goo that is un-breathable.
Kathy:  Make sure I understand... you are saying you could put a robot on a blank piece of ground and it could build all that without anything from outside that single little plot of earth?
Lemontie:  Yes.  You could even make trees that have orange leaves with purple pok-a-dots.
Kathy:  orange leaves with purple dots... Genetic manipulation?
Lemontie:  There's nothing genetic about it.  It is using the smallest building blocks to make any thing.  It's all in how you program the robots to put the molecules together.
Kathy:  So... create the whole tree, not modify an existing plant species?
Lemontie:  Correct.
Kathy:  Create a life form that didn't exist before...  in other words, be a god.
Lemontie:  Be god-like in the Biblical sense, yes.
Kathy:  Wow!
Lemontie:  There is a big battle in Congress as we speak.  Has been since the discovery of this technology back in '89.  The government will not fund it due to fear by the corporate world that it would end the need for  money.  It would actually start what was envisioned in StarTrek.
Kathy:   Someone in possession of that kind of technology would have a terrifying level of control over the lives of everyone else on the planet.
Lemontie:  Why control?  Control has always been the problem of society.
Kathy:  Whoever possesses it decides how it is used.
Lemontie:  That is why the possessor must be someone with no adverse motive.  More than one person... an organization of people that have grown mentally past the desire for power.  They're out there.  I am one of them.  I care not about money.
Kathy:  That's the Venus Project?
Lemontie:  Yes.
Kathy:  I don't care about money either... at least not past the point it keeps a roof over my head and food in my tummy.
Lemontie:  I would gladly throw all of it away for the opportunity to have this technology and the life that it can offer humanity.  No more hunger.  No more lack of education due to money.  No more limits to what one mind can achieve due to the cost of pursuing it.
Kathy:  No more homeless.  No more sickness.  Seems like a Utopian society.
Lemontie:  Pretty much.
Kathy:  So what keeps you from launching it?
Lemontie:  Money.
Kathy:  The ultimate irony...

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