Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Today dawned gloomy and wet. We are having our first snowstorm. Kind of fits. I woke up with a sore throat, headache and stuffed up nose so I decided to stay home from work sick. Right now I'm watching it snow out the front window. Much as I'm not a fan of snowy cold weather, the accumulation looks very pretty coating the dark red leaves of the plum tree out front.

Makes me think about Christmas. Less than 2 months away now... I have one gift. Well, actually what I have is the stuff purchased to make one gift. And other than that, I don't even have any good ideas. And need some I do... this Christmas is going to be pretty tight financially so if I can find ways to repurpose some of the raw materials I already have that would help. Easily doable for neighbors and some adult friends, but not so much with the little boys on my list. Ideas anyone?

Towards dealing with the financial strain, I've decided (pretty much) to sell my little house. The renters are moving into a bigger place at the end of the year and I'm just not thrilled with the prospect of having to find new renters and dealing with all the problems they can present. Maybe if there was a mister around to share some of the responsibilities and work, my decision would be, could be, different. But there isn't. I get to make the hard decisions in life alone. So my thought right now is to mull it over for another week and be sure, then call in the realtor. It won't be easy, but the cash infusion will certainly be welcome.

Sick, broke, cruddy decisions to make, gloomy day... it would sure be easy to throw myself a real pity party right about now!

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