Wednesday, June 19, 2013

We're The Same, Just Different

WARNING:  This is going to be one of those cutesy relationship posts I once swore I'd never write...  If that sort of mushy stuff makes you gag, step away now.  Or, if you're game to read it, here's 15 ways Derek and I are different:

He likes brand name products - a self-described 'brand whore.'
I have almost zero brand loyalty and couldn't care less what the label says.

He likes cheddar and provolone cheese.
I've never met a cheese I didn't love!

He's a night owl.
I'm a morning person.

He hates Mexican food (except his own chicken and cheese quesadillas).
I would kill for a real chicken burrito smothered in chile verde right now!

He watches car shows on tv.
I watch HGTV.

He snacks on sweets, specifically chocolate and peanut butter flavored sweets.
I want chips or pretzels more often.  And more variety in the sweet flavors, too.

He likes to have a fan going full blast in the bedroom.
I wake up with a pounding sinus headache when wind blows in my face all night.

He's into takeout.
I prefer dine-in.

He looks at the plants along the roadside as annoying weeds.
I'm watching for the blackberries I see growing to get ripe so I can go pick some.

He uses Jack Daniel's BBQ Sauce and Tony Chachere's Seasoning on his burger.
I like the full range of condiments.

He orders (or cooks) his steak rare and burgers so well done they're almost burned.
I prefer both with just a hint of pink in the middle.

He has a Facebook account and never logs in to it.
I see Facebook as my connection to family and friends that are far away.

He plays computer and video games.
I feel neglected now and then because of how much time he spends with them.

He screams and runs for cover when a spider scurries by.
I've been known to 'catch-and-release' if I know they're non-poisonous.

He believes in God, just not organized religion.
I enjoy Church services.

And so we compromise on the little stuff... at least we agree on the big things that matter in life!

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