Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cookies... Gimme Cookies!!

Way back before Christmas I posted the recipe for some bomb-diggity chocolate chip cookies that Derek's Dad made when he was home for a Christmas visit.  (He works out of state.)  I made them again last night, except we didn't have enough chocolate chips... so only half the batch got finished according to the recipe.

I just took half of the dough out of the bowl before that final step of adding the chocolate chips.  So we got some chocolate chip cookies and some not at all chocolatey ones from my little burst of kitchen creativity.

Using the 'plain' dough, I then formed walnut-sized balls.  Then I rolled them in cinnamon sugar and placed on a baking sheet.  Finally I used a fork and squished them down nearly flat.

And guess what?

That same recipe (minus the chocolate and adding a little cinnamon and sugar coating) makes some stinking dang good Snicker Doodles!!

Click the link above for the recipe.

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