Friday, June 7, 2013

Thoughts on Electrocution

Had 'get electrocuted' been an item on my bucket list, I could check it off today!  Generally, it's not an activity I'd recommend... unless you're a convicted murderer, rapist, pedophile or someone of that ilk.  Then I'd be quite pleased if you did!

Here's how it happened to me:

Early in the afternoon a fairly strong thunderstorm rolled through the area.  There was a bit of that low rumbling thunder and some short bursts of heavy rain (see the video clip below taken with my Android phone about 15 minutes prior to the electrocution event).  Then bam!  All within a second or two there was a loud snap from lightning and thunder so loud that the house shook and Derek and I both got zapped by an electrical current strong enough to make us jump off the couch staring at each other confused and gasping and wondering 'WHAT THE HECK?'

So much for the basement being the safe place in the house during a storm!

We both got zapped enough for it to hurt and then felt the after-effects of a faint sort of nebulous ache for a few hours.  I say faint and nebulous because more than actually a painful ache it was a feeling of not right-ness.  Derek felt it in one leg and his chest; my area of discomfort was my right hand, primarily the two middle fingers.

It's the weirdest thing to try to explain.

We had this completely real and physical experience with an electrical current traveling through our bodies but there's absolutely no evidence anywhere in the house that anything happened.  Neither dog, and both of them were on the couch with us, yelped.  The tv kept going with its program, the fan churned air... not even a flicker in the lights!  The house and roof look fine outside and there are no char marks on the ground or in the trees.

It feels almost unexplainable...  It's certainly beyond my ability to comprehend.

I can hardly even believe it.

And it happened to me!

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