Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Just Do It Myself...

You've seen the funny saying about asking a man to do something and not nagging because he'll get to it in 6 months?  More or less...  Yeah.  Well life with an infamous "putter offer of doing stuff in hopes the problem just goes away" breeds this attitude in me!

Some of the projects left on my "Get Shit Done" list for May:

  • Break paint seals and have windows that open all over the house*
  • A dishwasher that serves more of a purpose than being a cabinet ornament*
  • Clean out the growing clog in the master bathroom's shower drain
  • Get rid of the yellow jacket nest suddenly being built in the basement window frame**
  • Spray the yard for ants - something like 14 different kinds of ants all building massive hills out there*
  • Drag that concrete diverter thingy that was buried under crap in the backyard around front and under the last undiverted rain gutter downspout*
  • Get all the unearthed bricks in one place and decide if they'll rim the firepit or one of the terraces in the front flower garden
  • Put the last couple of shelves in the china cabinet so the last box of dishes can be unpacked and put away*
  • Get the boxes we're keeping, the moving dolly, and the tools and garden implements in the storage room and out of the kitchen, living room and carport*

*  Help has either been requested or volunteered with this task.  I'm just sick of waiting for it!

** I'll give him a pass on this one since  he's so allergic to their stings that he'd swell up like a bloated corpse and have to spend the day in the ER.  Have to admit THAT is a pretty good excuse...


Julie said...

Wait until you are together for 15 years, by then the list is so bottomless that there are probably repeats over and over again-I think it is universal man thing-lol!

Kathy Burton said...

May is gone... let's see what I actually got done.

* Haven't quite got ALL the windows working but then again, I don't have enough screens to cover them all. Still a work in progress. Some of them are such tough boogers they make me wonder if that horrid handyman put superglue in the paint!!

* I haven't pulled the dishwasher. I keep putting it off because it's a job I just don't want to do either...

* The shower drain works beautifully now.

* The yellow jacket nests (yes, I found where they were building another on the roof of the front porch) are gone. Good riddance!

* Still a few ant hills to get. Seems like 5 spring up for every one I get the ant killer stuff put on...

* Diverter thingy moved!

* Still finding more bricks scattered all over the yard.

* Shelves, except the wood one for the bottom section I haven't found yet, are in place and dishes unpacked.

* Boxes, dolly, tools and garden implements put away.

I guess I didn't do too bad with my To Do List!