Saturday, May 11, 2013

Gold in them thar hills...

About that "gold" dust I've seen glimmering in the sun every day since we first looked at this house...  How do you tell if it's gold or some monetarily worthless mineral like mica or iron pyrite?

I've been going off the assumption that the very very fine glittery specks in the soil are mica.  I mean, it's me we're talking about and I just wouldn't have the luck to be sitting on top of a big ol' gold vein here in these Georgia hills, right?

But it's sure pretty to have the gold sheen on top of our red Georgia clay soil.  And it's fun to dream about being the next Beverly Hillbillies!  Maybe the History Channel would even give me my own series...

Not to let that bubble inflate too much:  It will probably turn out not to be gold but there are a couple of intriguing tidbits I've discovered in recent days that are just enough to open that window of doubt and make me wonder.

First tidbit:  About 10 days ago we made a wrong turn out with Derek's mom in search of a Starbucks and headed off in a generally southwestern direction from here.  I'm kind of directionally challenged so I should add a disclaimer that I *think* it was south and west we were going but there's no guarantee that's a fact.  A few miles out we passed a road and its big green sign said GOLD MINE ROAD.

So... we've established that there is a nearby gold mine.  And by all appearances a working gold mine.

Then, last night, preparing for a job interview I was reading a little of the history of Kennesaw Mountain.  Turns out it's got more than a Civil War battle among its claims to fame!

Thars gold in them thar hills!!

Second tidbit: The Kennesaw Mountain National Battlesite Park's website said that when President Andrew Jackson ignored the law and forced the Cherokee to leave here for Oklahoma (that needs to be a whole different post!) settlers moved in based on gold claims in Dahlonega.  The website went on to call this America's first gold rush.

Now we've established a second nearby gold mining site.

It's getting more intriguing, isn't it?

I think I need to gather up a few of these specks and find out just what it is we've got here!

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