Monday, February 25, 2013

A Sunday Drive

Today I skipped out on Church.  Instead, Derek and I decided to go for a Sunday drive and spend some time looking around our future neighborhood and downtown Dallas.  Pictures will have to come at a later time... I was too busy gawking at every daffodil filled yard, leafing tree, horse in a pasture, historical marker and random thrift store (seriously, there were 6 within 2 miles of the house!) to get any taken today.

Obviously, I am in complete love and awe of the rural-ness and small town lifestyle I saw!

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The main intersection just a few hundred feet from where our little lane begins is where the Old Cartersville Highway merges onto E. Paulding Drive as it crosses the Dallas Acworth Highway.  You can kind of see where the yellow highlighted roads converge in the very bottom right corner of the map.  We drove 2-3 miles in each direction just to get a feel for the area and into the vibrant and historical downtown business district.  And it was much like the prototypical Sunday afternoon drive you might imagine your grandparents enjoying.

What I saw spoke of simpler times when life was lived at a slower pace.  Even the gas station where we stopped seemed to be a throwback.  There was a sign on the counter indicating that the attendant had stepped away for a few minutes.  They were so trusting that customers would honestly pay that the store was left open.

I really think I'm going to enjoy living here!

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