Thursday, March 13, 2008

Rainy Thursday Night

It's been raining off and on most of the day... kind of gray and melancholy and a bit cooler than we were enjoying for the last several days but so clear and clean when the sun would break through that it would nearly take my breath away. I guess some people would call this Seattle weather. I rather like it.

On a lot of the trees you can see the first hints of swelling buds. A few in sunny sheltered spots are even starting to turn green. I love that promise of spring! It's so hopeful and energizing and full of hope. It makes it hard to be cooped up in an office all day. I think I'll start walking at lunch time. There are two nice parks within a block plus the plaza at the Church Office Building and Temple Square and the roof-top garden at the Conference Center to wander and explore and study the gardens. At worst I'll get some really over ambitious plans for my garden and being out in the fresh air moving around will be really good for me.

I've been watching the green stuff starting to poke up in the flower beds with curiosity... and I have some of the big hyacinth starting to bloom. There are a couple of dark purple ones on the side of the house and some pink ones out front. Those are kind of a surprise! There are lots of other leaves that look like they might be tulips and the whole flowerbed on the west of the driveway is jam-packed with what I *think* are grape hyacinth. That might be kind of pretty when they bloom. It looks like whatever is there has been allowed to take over and naturalize for many many years. This spring will be interesting as I see what comes up and start making decisions about what to add to it.

One thing that I had at my old house that I miss here is violets. One flowerbed by the door was full of them and in early spring (now) they smell so good! It's a very delicate and faint scent, but completely and intoxicatingly beautiful. Maybe I'll have to transplant some...

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