Saturday, March 8, 2008

Progress Notes

A collection of updates to former posts...

REMODELING: I could just about ask, what remodeling? In the last 6 weeks the following has been accomplished... my kitchen sink is now affixed permanently to the countertop and the trim is down between the hearth and floor in front of the fireplace. Oh, and the stairnose molding is glued down again on the steps leading from the kitchen to the back door. It was some of that super-duper high tech polymer stuff that would NEVER come loose... uh huh, sure. Took about a week to wiggle and about three more to come all the way off. I know I sound like a broken record, but I am so sick of living in a construction zone. My humor with "camping" here is long gone!

GARDEN PLANNING: Still working on solving the water issue. Maybe if I get a tax refund... Guess I should get busy and get that chore done, too! But just in case I get water there, I have a basic drawing of what goes where and it passes Master Gardner Jim's scrutiny.

WORK: That's been a challenge the past week or so. I hope it's just the ebb and flow of things and not a signal that I made a bad choice in accepting the job. Sarah and I have argued about a bunch of unwritten "policies" several times the past week. And I'm just as much a bull dog as she is so the harder she insists that it's one way, the more I resist and say "prove it."

HEALTH: New job = new insurance = new doctor. Ran out of thyroid drugs so I found a doctor with an office in a somewhat convenient location and went willing to do the obligatory blood draw to get a new scrip. That's ALL I wanted from him. But oh no, there's the poking and prodding and sticking things in bodily orifices and my personal favorite, the interrogation. Then he says, "You're blood pressure is unually high today. Here's a scrip for.... blah, blah, blah. Come back next week so we can find out if something is wrong with your kidneys that causing the BP to spike." No!!! I don't have the time or patience to be sick right now and experiment with a bunch of new drugs/dosages and endure (and pay for!) endless tests. This is why I HATE doctors! I guess I'll keep the Thursday appointment and let them run that first batch of bloodwork, but if there's not something compelling there I'm putting the kaibosh on taking it any farther. I have a history with periodic inflammations that produce some rather dramatic symptoms which go away before they can even get all the tests done. And I really think this is just another one of those episodes. My BP is down, my heart rate is down... on their own. I feel good enough that I puttered and shopped and was on my feet going all day today.

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