Sunday, March 16, 2008

7 Qualities of a Good Wife

This afternoon I was bored and aimlessly poking around the web reading whatever came up that looked interesting. E Lawrence Welch's Blog caught my eye and got me thinking. Lately I've been lamenting my utter lack of what I tongue-in-cheek call man-chasing skills even though I've found a man I'd surely like to chase.

Maybe my problem isn't skill, maybe it's my outlook on me that's flawed. Maybe I need to rethink some things and work a little harder on being a better me before I try to become part of an 'us.' At this point it would be easy to digress into a nitpicking fault-finding hullaballoo of a pity party. Goodness knows I've got some bad habits and who knows how to beat me up about them better than me? Afterall, I've had 40+ years to bury skeletons and dig them up again to rattle their bones. But would that really be constructive? Well... it hasn't worked so far so maybe I should try something new.

I was particularly intrigued by Mr. Welch's post titled 7 Qualities of a Good Wife. Dig around his blog and find this one. It's worth the read, as is his 7 Qualities of a Good Husband. I tried to imagine how my personality and habits fit into each of these 7 qualities. Maybe I do have a shot at catching Mr. Wonderful afterall!

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