Monday, March 3, 2008

Cop Cars At MY House

Coming home from work tonight - a little late I might add - when I turned the corner off of 1100 West onto Simondi, I could see two cop cars parked in front of my house. Now that's a sight that kind of makes your heart seize up and beat a little faster! So I hurried along, thinking to myself "Oh no...."

Closer to home, Gary stops me and asks what's going on. Great... the neighbors have all seen the cops, too, and think I've been leading some secret criminal life in that always dark back bedroom and am about to get busted and hauled off to jail. Wonder how many of them were sneakily peeking from behind pulled drapes?

Well... the story just goes downhill from here. Totally anticlimatic. Don't know what the cops were out here for - they never came to my door. They were talking with one of the neighbors five or six houses up the block. Not long after I walked in, one of them left. 10-15 minutes later the other walked back to his car with some papers in hand and after sitting in the car for a few more minutes, he left too. Guess this will have to remain one of life's great mysteries!

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