Monday, January 7, 2013

My Own Personal World

I finally made it to church for the first time since I moved away from Utah.

I know.  It was long postponed and way over due.

But I did get myself there.

That is the important thing right?

And yes, it was comforting to walk in and know exactly what to expect.  Familiar music, meetings formatted the same way, and lesson material that's consistent all over the world.  Yet there were some subtle differences in how this ward accomplishes things.  Some I felt an immediate appreciation for and others will need to grow on me.  But most importantly I made a new friend, met the next door neighbor and got my spirit refreshed.  I think I'm going to fit right in and be very happy here.

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Material for the Relief Society lesson was drawn from Jeffrey R. Holland's talk at October 2012 General Conference.  One of the key points the teacher made was that during Conference, or even other times when you see or hear a General Authority speak, you never hear them pronouncing doom and gloom and wringing their hands over the state of the world.  No matter what terrible things are going on, the message is positive and encouraging.


We live in the last great dispensation, the fullness of times, and (I'm not sure I'd ever realized this or at least I never consciously thought about it this way before) it's the time when victory is assured.  All previous dispensations have ended in apostasy... this final one will not.  Good will finally triumph and mankind will be saved.

When that knowledge is an absolute, it allows one the peace of mind to take the focus off of very troubling world events and put the attention on making our own little world the best it can be.  It gives us the chance to fill our personal space and thoughts and very character with all that is good and beautiful.  We can simply tune out all the negative messages and live positive, productive, happy lives.

And that's just what I'm off to do!

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