Thursday, September 8, 2011

Special Needs in Emergency Situations

People with disabilities or who have access or functional impairments, and their families or caregivers, need to take extra precautions to prepare for a disaster.  What if a usual caregiver is not available to help?  Plan for a buddy to step in.  Practice with them now if it is at all possible.

Also, join the Special Needs Registry in your state and keep your information updated if you move or the need changes.  In Utah, you can register at

Also think about the extra supplies needed in your 72-hour, or bug-out, kit:

  • Prescription medications
  • A record of dosages and the frequency taken
  • Prosthetic devices
  • List of medical devices including styles and serial numbers (a photo might be nice to include too)
  • Any items needed for cleaning or maintenance of prosthesis and medical devices
  • Extra eyeglasses and the prescription
  • Extra oxygen
  • Extra pillows and bedding
  • Medical insurance and Medicare/Medicaid cards
  • Backup power supply or generators for heat or air conditioning
  • Extra wheelchair batteries (or a backup manual chair)
  • Hearing aids and extra batteries
  • Extra personal care items like adult briefs, wet wipes, chux pads

But people aren't the only family members with special needs...

Don't forget about Fido and Fluffy!  Pets are also important and need some extra planning for their care.  Emergency shelters do not typically allow family pets, only certified service animals.  Now is the time to find hotels and/or motels outside your immediate area that accept pets, ask family members or friends if they could, and would, keep them for you, and check into which boarding facilities, veterinarians or shelters could be used.


jweb711724 said...

Great Ideas! Also , if yo buy liquid soap in large containers, when they are empty, fill with water and put in you storage. Then you already have soapy water to clean your hands!!

Kathy Burton said...

I was gonna mention that when I get the one on water storage finished... I absolutely agree it's a great idea to use those old laundry soap, dish soap, etc kind of plastic bottles to store water for cleaning hands or home.