Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I'm an Amateur

Hi, I'm Kathy and I'm an amateur blogger.

I often wish I was a pro.  But I'm not.  The scant statistics here show that only a tiny handful of friends and family ever visit to see what I have to say.  On one hand this is depressing.  On the other it's kind of freeing.  As a professional blogger I'd be tied to one niche to maximize sponsorships and advertising.  As an amateur I can post about whatever my heart desires here for just the pure pleasure of putting thoughts into words.  But then again as a professional, I'd see an income stream from my efforts while as an amateur I scramble for every dollar.  It's a trade off that sometimes works for me and sometimes doesn't quite so much.

Today is a not quite so much day.

And so, to the very few of you who actually do read this, I am posing some questions.  Your answers will determine not only the direction of my blog, but possibly its continuing existence.  I want something tangible for all the effort that's going into it.

  • Are the ads between pages relevant?  Or do they just annoy you?
  • Have you ever clicked one?
  • What type of content/subject matter do you most enjoy reading?
  • Would it help you find things if I used Labels?
  • Would you be willing to promote it to your friends via email/facebook/twitter/a link on your blog?
  • Is blogspot the right medium to continue using?
  • Does Google Docs work well for you to download the documents I've posted?

I've spent some time reading today about being a successful professional blogger and some of the activities it takes to get there.  I'm going to try implementing those suggestions for the next month and then assess where things stand.


jweb711724 said...

I have never clicked an ad. I love everything you touch on. Cuase it is stuff i think of...stuff I wanna do...good everyday ideas and wonderful thought provoking things. Google is all I know cause I am new to the idea of blogs. I would sharing your blog with my friends!!

Sandy Yarbrough said...

Not sure about the professional blogging thing. Don't know how it works but I do read your blogs and enjoy them. Good luck with trying it out!

latter-daymom said...

I agree with jweb and Sandy - I just enjoy your blogging. No, I have never clicked on an ad. Do you get paid if we click on an ad? Love you!