Monday, November 16, 2009

Some people should be removed from humanity

Can you even imagine pimping out your sweet little 5-year old? Can you imagine the kind of perversion that would allow someone to find a child sexually attractive?

I am saddened and apalled and disgusted. People never cease to amaze me with the horrid things they can imagine doing to each other. This makes me so sick, I can't even form coherent words about it...

This little girl was 5. And her mother prostitued her out to some equally twisted individual who killed her. Her own mother did this to her! Her mother!!

The death penalty is hard thing. I can't fathom the mental and emotional torture of being the one to decide or carry out the punishment. Sometimes, however, I think it is warranted. Sometimes people cross a line where their actions are just so antisocial that they need to be removed from humanity. If even half of this news story is really true, this is one of those times!

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