Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A purely graceful move

Yesterday and today I've been living with a painful nose. Doesn't hurt so much to breathe, just when I touch it. Which is surprisingly often! Maybe it's a subconscious thing because it is injured...

Monday evening, I decided to finally pound the nail to hang the picture in the kitchen. That fake beadboard must be some tough product. I bent 3 nails over before I got one to go in straight enough to hang the picture. So you can imagine, I was pounding a little hard. And I forgot about the plate rail, or more precisely the stuff on the plate rail, up above.

Directly above where I was standing, I'd placed this big cutting board. It's sort of a kidney shape and has an aluminum rooster head and tail. It came down right on the bridge of my nose.

Yes, the cartoons are right. When you get clonked like that you do see stars!

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