Thursday, June 4, 2009

Financial freedom is on the horizon

Woohoo!!! I just realized that I can have my credit line paid off by the end of the year. Last fall I had to put a substantial chunk of the payment for my new roof (the one that the insurance company mandated even though the contractors said it would hold for another year or two) on the credit line. And with its 29% interest, it's felt like a ton of bricks hanging over my head ever since. It threw everything about my finances off kilter and I've really had to scramble some months, but by cutting back on expenditures and doing things like taking my lunch instead of eating in the cafeteria it has started to ease up and I feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel. This is the first time I can remember in recent history when I've got a paycheck coming tomorrow that isn't totally spent before I get it! Man, it feels good!!

I literally sat and looked at the balance in my account for several minutes and could hardly dare to believe what the numbers were telling me. I have $1100 dollars left and payday is tomorrow and the bills that absolutely have to come out of this check total just under $300. Of course, I won't spend it all as mortgage has to come out of the next one even though that seems really early... the days fall this year so that my June paydays are the 5th and 19th.

But then there are 3 paydays in July.

Gloating isn't usually my thing... but wow!!!! This is so cool! I love not feeling poverty stricken!

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