Friday, June 5, 2009

National Doughnut Day

This morning when I turned the computer on for that final 10 minutes before I left for work, MSN proudly proclaimed that today is National Doughnut Day. It was complete with delectable pictures... glazed and frosted. With patriotic sprinkles no less. Yum!

Remember the first time you bit into a Krispy Kreme? It was freshly fried and glazed and still warm when you were handed your sample waiting in line to buy a box. Think about the delightfully delicious way it melted in your mouth. Mouth waters at the thought, doesn't it?

A couple of days ago, Yahoo! ran a teaser for a food blog on their front page. Before checking the financials (a holdover obsession from my banking days) I clicked on it. It was all about the cost, in workout time, of the calories in some of our favorite treats. A doughnut was the very first thing on the list.

Make sure you're sitting so you can take the shock!

You would have to walk at a 3 mph rate for 59 minutes to burn the calories in a single doughnut. Yeah! 59 minutes.

As that started to sink in I calculated that it would mean walking home from my office in roughly 45 minutes. I've walked that before. And I was very tired and sweaty and grouchy by the time I got home. And since it took me just about an hour, I wasn't walking nearly as fast so I probably didn't burn off a whole doughnut!

Suddenly a doughnut doesn't seem so yummy... In fact, it sounds downright awful!

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