Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Reverend Jim Jones

My friend Jim, who in spoof calls himself The Reverend Jim Jones, recently learned that he has a brain tumor. Very, very recently. He's actually in surgery right now so it can be removed and/or so the doctors can learn more about it to determine a prognosis and treatment plan. Not much is known right now... he had a seizure on Sunday and his wife took him to the ER where they admitted him and started doing tests. Apparently the tumor is just smaller than a grapefruit near his right forehead. It's all very scary and I'm so concerned for him. For his whole family.

Jim has a daughter on a mission and a son getting ready to go. He also has a younger son who is profoundly handicapped. It can't be easy for them. And if I remember correctly Jim's dad has terminal cancer. I know he spent part of the last holiday season recording his dad's personal history. It was a big job, but he was so thrilled with how it came out and how touched his siblings were when they got copies of the CD for Christmas. It was pretty inspiring to get started saving some of my own family history.

Part of why I like Jim is his boundless enthusiasm. He gets more tickled over a silly email joke than anyone I know. And invariably if there is one with even a hint of innuendo, I hear "Oh... that's bad! Kathy you gotta see this one!" I even hear that in my head when someone else sends me a joke now.

Well Jim, even though you may never see this... I'm pulling for you! You are in my thoughts and prayers. I'm gonna try to get out to see you on Thursday evening so be awake and taking visitors, okay?

(And for those of you who didn't understand the reference, here's a brief story of the real Reverend Jim Jones: http://www.gbs.sha.bw.schule.de/jim_jones_history.htm. You can easily see all that's shared is a name.)

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