Saturday, October 4, 2008

Bail Me Out!!

Are you as disgusted with politics and business as I am right now? I mean this bailout joke our government has now succeeded in foisting off on us taxpayers should be a crime!! All we are doing is rewarding corporate greed and gluttony.

The banks who made all these bad and questionable loans knew they were bad and questionable right while they were making them. They know what the indicators of credit quality are and chose to overlook them on the way to bigger profits and bigger paydays for their CEOs. Think rationally for just a moment... they are banks, credit is their business. They acted irresponsibly and made foolish decisions and now we, through our elected officials, are saying "Oh poor baby, let me make it all better for you." like they are toddlers with a skinned knee.

The bailout package that's been recently passed through Congress and signed by our President is a tiny, though bancruptcy inducingly expensive, band-aid on a big gushing dirty wound. There's no hope it will stem the bleed. It may even be enough of an irritation to make the problems worse as the American people realize they are going to be the ones who pay for this mess through higher taxes and more corporate expectation to shift the results of faulty decision making rather than taking the appropriate responsibility and action.

Would the results of making these big banks take responsibility be painful? Very much, I'm sure, for everyone and especially in the near future. But, I believe, the lessons learned would be supernally valuable. In the long run, I think it would be better to let these drunken giants go down as monuments to unabashedly immoral behavior. The American people, in deed the whole world, wouldn't soon forget that all decisions carry consequences.

Maybe this kind of setback is what we all need. Americans need to take back America and make it great again for the right reasons.

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