Saturday, July 12, 2008

What Is This Glow?

Last Wednesday I had to stop at the bank to make a deposit and I was chatting with my friend David there. They were slow, the server was down, etc... I haven't seen him for months. He kept commenting on my "glow" and that I look really happy and then came the suspicious "who is he?" I wish I could have told him I'm in love, but that's not really true. I have a crush... yes, there's a man I'd like to get to know better... yes, my heart gets a little thrill whenever I see him... yes, but love? No. Not yet anyway. But I'm working on it!

My young friend Jonathan lied to me last weekend when he was here. He wanted to play in the water on Sunday evening and kept stepping into the spray where the sprinkler was overshooting the fence just a little. He was a bit dampish, but not really wet and he started rubbing his hair. I told him if it dried all spiky like that he'd look like a rock star. Of course, then he wanted his hair spiked. Silly me... "Okay, go ask your Dad first." Minutes later he comes running back telling me it's okay and he has this huge bottle of hair gel. So I spiked his hair. Or rather I tried. He looked more like a porcupine on the loosing side of a battle with an egg beater, but he was thrilled with it. Until it was time to go home. Then it was "My Dad is going to kill me!" And then Dad saw the hair... Yeah, his face was a mixture of horror and surprise. He obviously didn't know about Jon's plan beforehand. Right then I wanted to choke Jon, too. Great way to make an impression on your crush, huh?

But hopefully I turned it around on Monday evening when I took him a jug of chocolate milk (his stress reliever) and an "I'm Sorry" note with my phone number in it. Along with the suggestion that next time I'll wait for him to call and let me know that he's really okay with whatever plan Jon has cooked up first.

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