Wednesday, July 30, 2008

95+ Weather

I am sick of this 95 degree or higher weather!! Bring on the autumn season!

Why does the heat just make me wilt into a pile of (very) grouchy mush? Yes, I know, at least it's a "dry heat" here in Utah. But there's a point when the humidity doesn't matter - it's just plain hot. And we've reached that point and sat there for weeks on end now. Or so it seems.

Even the grass and trees are looking mighty unhappy. And I can't seem to pour enough water on them to do any good. The grass looks completely dead in patches and many of the other plants are visibly stressed. Even the sick maple tree in the parking strip has given up the ghost. The city is supposed to come cut it down. They just won't commit to when. Then next spring they will plant a new tree... as long as I'm willing to give it 5-10 gallons of water every single day all summer long. Even though I'm not paying for the tree, the water bill makes it an expensive investment. But I guess I shouldn't complain. At least I will get to enjoy the shade. Eventually.

Next Tuesday is Night Out Against Crime. It's supposed to be 94 that afternoon. What a break, huh? But I think (I hope) the party will be a lot of fun. I'm hosting again this year and I've put a bit more planning into it. Okay, a lot more planning. On the agenda is sidewalk chalk drawing for kids (with a prize), a "get-to-know-you" game for the adults and a water balloon toss for everyone. We are grilling hotdogs and hamburgers and having a pot luck of salads and desserts. I've invited the police and fire departments to come show off their vehicles and do a meet and greet with all the neighbors. I handed out 69 invitations this year. I'll post more about the shindig on August 6.

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