Tuesday, April 8, 2008

One Step Closer To A Homeless Person

My friend, Marcy, teased me last year that my acquisition of a new purse left me "one step from a homeless person." (Isn't that a Seinfeld line?) I'd been shopping at The Gateway and one of the stores had a promotional thing where if you bought $250 in clothes, you got a free purse. I liked the purse. I wanted the purse. I felt a great desire to own this purse. But I couldn't spend that much on clothes right then so sadly I left the purse on their rack and moved on. A few minutes later we stopped in the bathroom and... what was poking up out of the trash? My coveted purse!!

After a quick glance around, I decided I wasn't too proud and lifted it out of the used paper towels, emptied the bubble wrap out of the inside and went merrily on my way. It's my favorite purse still today!

If Marcy is reading this, her "homeless" opinion is about to get a major reinforcement. Several weeks ago, one of the units in the duplex on the corner was unexpectedly abandoned. The owner has hauled stuff out like you can't imagine. I can't figure out where in that apartment they had so much stuff!! It's been like 6 or 8 trailer loads they've hauled off and that's not counting the bigger pieces of furniture they drug to the curb and tagged with "FREE" signs. Of course, I snagged one of those pieces... an antique table.

Now it does need a couple of repairs... but they're ones I think I'm capable of making. And when I do, I will have the most amazing upstairs desk. It will be great to hold a lamp, my laptop and a few papers. Then if I ever need it, I can pull the sides out, drop in a leaf and have a dining table for up to 6 (as if I'll ever need to seat 18 for dinner!). I'm not sure if it's mahogony or cherry - a little dirty, plus I don't know woods that well - but it's dark and has some reddish tones like the rest of my furniture. The legs are intricately turned and the braces have a graceful arching quality. And considering I've only invested a little effort in dragging it home and about $6 in wood putty and glue, I'm quite thrilled with my find!

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