Sunday, April 6, 2008

A Near Fatal Case of Pack-Rat-itis

For the first time in 8 months, I have all my stuff under one roof! Nevermind that the bulk of it is stored temporarily in my future master bedroom... I thought that sounded like a grand accomplishment until I started looking at just how much 'stuff' there actually is... No wonder moving has been such a trauma!

What was I ever thinking in accumulating so much 'stuff?' I'm overwhelmed, disgruntled and a little repulsed by the sheer volume of 'stuff' I have to sort through. I think, not only am I a horrid pack-rat, but I have a shopping addiction. That's a deadly combination! Some of this 'stuff' will surely get tossed, some will be given away and some I'll have to find a place for here.

Time for the confessions:
Some of it will get tossed - When I emptied out the pantry I found a ton of expired canned goods. Worst was some very expensive salad dressing that was 4 years past its "Best When Used By" date. Yeah... full garbage can this past week and probably for several more to come.

Some will be given away - When I emptied out my closet there were pants I don't remember buying that still had the store tags hanging in them. Obviously they were really important for me to have, huh? I took a huge box (24"X48"X20") and filled it so that the top was rounded over nearly as deep as the box itself and gave all of it away. Sadly, there's still more clothes I'm pretty certain I will never wear and don't want taking up space in the closet here. I've also given away boxes of food that isn't expired but I know we won't be able to get it eaten before it does. Yes, that was boxes... as in more than one and it's likely there will be even more as I get the rest of the 'stuff' sorted out.

Integrating the rest of that 'stuff' into my new home... There are some obvious pieces that already have a designated place but the place isn't ready for them. Like a couch and slipper chairs and TV (+ the stereo/home theater components that go with it) from my old living room that are destined for my new family room. And some craft and office supplies for the office which also isn't ready yet. Just getting these things out of the way will make a huge difference in the space and how I'm feeling about it.

Just keep me away from any store that sells anything... Seriously, if you see me whip out the debit card, slap me!! Trust me, whatever it is... I've probably already got three!!

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