Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Pine Coning

I guess it's a hazard of living in the woods...

My poor Jeep got pineconed a few days ago when I was coming home one evening from some event.  I was almost to the house.  I was coming down the "S" turn on that little hill toward the end of our lane with the semi-blind driveways and root bumps in the asphalt where I always slow down to a mere creep when it happened.

Out of nowhere there was a loud sharp THWACK!!!

I jumped in my seat!  Instantly my heart was pounding!!  And my passenger-side mirror was shattered and smacked up against the window.  I had to go to the bathroom and it was all I could do to keep that dam from bursting...  It was so scary!  Derek was about 20 minutes behind me in his own car and I called him on the verge of tears I was so shaken and confused by what had just happened.  When he got home and looked at the damages and had walked back up the lane to see if there was any other debris, he said I'd come into contact with a dropping pine cone from one of the pine trees that line that particular curve.  Apparently my poor mirror hit it like a baseball bat.

Count on me to have such awesome timing!

A couple of days later I happened to look up when I was out in my own yard and this is what I saw directly over the spot where I park.

Isn't that just a beautiful disaster waiting to happen?  Well, it is beautiful but all things considered... YIKES!

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