Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Growing Up Is Over-rated

Today I'm feeling so much like I've grown up again.  I've been extra busy getting stuff set up for our new house.  It's so skin-of-our-teeth tight that I almost hate to admit it aloud, but I think I've got the finances worked out.  Almost to the last penny.  And once again I have my own accounts for utilities, cable and internet.

That's such a grown up responsibility!

And I find myself not liking it even one little bit.  Not liking the responsibility part, anyway.  I find myself wishing I could just live with carefree abandon and not be tied to unending (and sometimes difficult) decisions, obligations and responsibilities.

Growing is so over-rated.

It's definitely not what Mom promised when she said I could do whatever I wanted when I grew up.  That statement made me long for the day I got to pick my activities.  And clothes.  And food.  I imagined freedom from her choices and didn't consider what a raving tyrant the consequences of my own choices could be.

Just think about the things that you get excited about now.  Clean clothes still warm from the dryer is one of my most favorite things.  Also bright shiny new kitchen gadgets, something sparkly and expensive for Christmas, finding dish soap on sale, and getting better than expected gas mileage on a trip.  And just one chicken salad from Cafe Rio would make me smile for a whole week!

It makes me exceedingly sad that this is the nearest store so
any chance at those yummy bites of fresh Mexican deliciousness
are pretty much out of reach.  Why oh why, can't someone open
a Cafe Rio in metro-Atlanta?  I beg you on bended knee!!
Seriously... When did salad become exciting?

What got you excited and happy dancing around the room as a kid?  New Barbie clothes, sloppy puppy kisses, brand new baby kittens, going out for pizza, The Jetson's, swinging high on the playground - those are all things that made me happy. So much simpler.  So uncomplicated.  So free.

So not salad.

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